When Quality & Control Matters

Track & Trace


  • This unique control and logging system meets tomorrow´s HACCAP standards.
  • First tank operator with 2-way communication for temperature control trough the internet.
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  • Log-in feature for customers with full access to temperature logs and real time information.
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  • Customers search via their PO numbers for temperature logs in the archive.
  • Temperature log starts day before loading and ends discharge date.
  • Temperature logs are kept for a minimum of 1,5 years containing tank number and customer order number (PO), logtime, set point, glycol temperature, product temperature and position.
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  • Reading of glycol temperatures and product temperature every 5 minutes when connected to power.
  • Temperature readings of tank every 30 minutes when not connected to power.
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  • Built-in alarm system when product and set point deviates more than required.
  • Alarms system informs operators and customers by SMS.
  • Staff can go in and control the unit in real-time to ensure the correct temperatures are held during transport and storage.
  • Alarm system for critical battery and glycol level also controlled by SMS.
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