When Quality & Control Matters

About us

Who We Are

Tank Management was founded in 2006. Since then, Tank Management has grown to be a professional transport company with considerable experience within transportation of temperature sensitive foodstuff cargo. We operate from a modern office close to relevant port facilities in Oslo.

Our staff is characterized by comprehensive experience within intermodal transport of food grade products. This experience, combined with a healthy working environment and our interest and enthusiasm about transport and logistics, helps us keep safety and quality at a maximum level.

Further, as an independent player with an extensive network of agents and suppliers, we are able to create professional solutions that combine cost and time efficiency – solutions that meet the ever increasing complexities of food grade logistics.

What We Do

Our fleet consists of over 200 new and highly modern units with one or two compartments. They range from 25.000 to 33.000liter and all are equipped with TRS 12000 or Löbbe units and our Track & Trace system that is the marked first. This system allows us to be notified when temperature changes according to set master temperature. This is an advanced two way system, which allows us to remotely set and adjust temperatures while heading for our customer. This means full control of track and temperature during the whole transport chain.

Our aim since day one has been to let our enthusiasm for transportation and logistics shine through in the daily operations, and to seek continual improvement of our working processes. Further, we emphasize our basic corporate values, which constitute a guiding tool in our efforts to find the safest and most efficient solution for our customers’ needs.

These values include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 28000:2007
  • ISO 22000:2005 (HACCAP)
  • SQAS
  • ECTA / Responsible Care